Practicing what I preach

My performance history has been all over the board. Growing up, my family was incredibly musical and I performed in talent shows, churches, choirs and musicals. In college: musicals, choir, vocal ensembles, and of course, recitals and voice juries. In Chicago, some musicals, comedy sketch shows, a film, recording booths, and multiple bands. I’ve spent most of my professional life with a microphone in my hand singing the top hits of different genres. I lived on the road for nine months, performing three-hour shows three to five times a week.

Currently, I am exploring my voice through composition while keeping a daily vocal practice which consists of maintaining my pop sound while resurrecting my musical theater sound and developing my classical one. I am not sure exactly what shape performance will take for me when the pandemic subsides, but I have a hunch it will be deeply involved with my composition. In the meantime, I am recording a few commercial covers as well as original musical theater, which you can see on my YouTube channel.

If you would like to discuss booking for a gig or recording, send me an email.

And you can check out one of my favorite moments caught on film with the incredible “Derringer & Rye” below!